Intimotec is a mission driven young company that focusses on improving the underwear experience for men. Engineered with the insights of our circumcised founder.

Intimotec was founded to educate and offer attractive underwear solutions supporting genital health. In-depth research and user reviews have given credibility to the important role of fabrics for intimate skin. Our products are innovative, solution-driven and non-toxic. Intimotec combines body conscious design together with the benefits of natural silk fabrics in order to replicate an important role of the original skin; protection. Wearing silk offers immense comfort and health benefits for all men, and in particular to those experiencing discomfort.

Our relationship with skin and fabrics.

In 2008, it wasn’t only the typical bike ride along the Dutch canals that caused irritation to the genitals of our founder. His overall active lifestyle combined with an engineering mindset, led him to rethink how to improve the protection and sensitivity of his sexual organ. Later; after thoroughly testing many designs and fabrics, results concluded that only a silk lining could provide optimal comfort along with the many healing benefits. Why? Skin is a sensory organ, this means it constantly monitors whatever comes into contact with it, sending feedback to our brains. The genital skin is particularly sensitive and is one of the most absorbent and delicate parts of the body. This basic functioning of the human body led our founder to rethink and re-engineer underwear from the inside out.

The rejuvenation of sensitivity for circumcised men was a revelation he couldn’t keep to himself. Feeling obliged to spread the joy, in 2016 he introduced the first designs to the world with small production runs. Rave reviews convinced him to continue. Developing the products slowly but steadily, the process gave light to important insights about toxins and fertility and a deeper understanding of our customer’s needs.

In early 2018 we reached out to a medical oriented organisation which had done over 40 clinical tests with antimicrobial treated silk fibroin. The results on skin healing were overwhelming. To further enhance the benefits of our products, we now work in partnership using this patented technology. We’re extremely pleased with the result and honestly believe that every man deserves to feel the difference.

Mission – Lead by example, create with purpose.

Team Intimotec

“As a circumcised man, I initially created these products for my own comfort and sensitivity needs. But after sharing my story, I realised I was not alone.”

– Rinke Feenstra (founder)